Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing Campaigns

A collection of various digital marketing campaigns created for The Spoke Club. These campaigns were all sent out via email.


Fall Trial

This campaign was used to give members the opportunity to invite their friends and colleagues to enjoy a trial month at their private club. The original illustration of the tree and hands was a stock image, which I created a GIF out of to elude to the expansion of a ‘family’ tree. This digital campaign would be sent out to members via email.


Happy Birthday E-Card

This e-card was designed to wish members of a private members’ club a happy birthday via email. The GIF design features an illustrated vector of the iconic building facade with a candle on top. The typefaces used in the design are Gotham, which is the brand’s font, as well as Wisdom Script to make the card more decorative and elegant.




Date & Time

December 2, 2016